International Committee

Spire’s International Committee holds the primary responsibility for our international cooperation projects. We work constantly to strengthen our cooperation with youth organizations in other countries. In addition, the political committee works within some international networks, and with several Norwegian network organizations, such as Nettverk for GMO-fri mat, Handelskampanjen and ForUM.

Would you like to join the International Committee? The coordinator for the international committee is Frida Liv Biørn-Hansen. She can be reached by email at:international@spireorg.no.

Below is a list of our partners and of the networks we take part in.

Our partners:

NfYD - Network for Youth Development:

NfYD is a registered NGO in Malawi, and is an umbrella organization consisting of several youth organizations around the country. Through networking, advocacy, capacity building and other activities, NfYD fights for young people's rights in Malawi and internationally. Spire and NfYD have been partner organizations since 2005, and have had several projects together.

Visit their website here.

YEN - Youth Environment Network:

YEN is a youth organization based in Zambia and work primarily on environmental issues. Their activities are specifically aimed at children and adolescents. YEN seeks to educate, engage and make the population accountable, especially children and young people. They often visit schools around the country and carry out various activities focused on environmental issues. Spire and YEN strated working together in 2011. Spire went to visit them for the first time in June 2011, and the YEN came to visit us in September 2011. In 2012 we carried through an exchange project together, wanting to raise the issues of climate change and food sovereignty. Two Norwegians and two Zambians worked together for three months in Norway, and then all four travelled together to Zambia to continue the project for three new months there. The project will end in mid February of 2013.  

Visit their website here.

Networks we are part of:


Via Campesina


Our World Is Not For Sale